name .
Dwilla Zee

rank .
1st Lieutenant

post .
Tactical Ops, 2XL+

nic .

Lt. Dwilla Zee is the first female ape (see Simians) to serve as Senior Tactical Officer aboard a toy space craft. Her intuitive use of direct action was recognized by Commander Eagle when he awarded her the Gold Foil Star, the highest decoration awarded by the Articulated Space Administration.

Zee likes big guns, hand-to-hand combat, and flying space ships really fast. Educated in her sister's millinery, Dwilla found the fashion world a "total bore" and for a while she became entangled in the dark subculture of illegal toy boxing and Extreme RC drag racing.

Deciding to put her natural talents to better use, Zee joined the ASA Security Corps and quickly became the junior star of that program. Her performance there paved the way for her current groundbreaking post aboard the 2XL+, where she excels.