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Algernon Haley

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Vice Admiral of the Cosmos

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In his youth, Professor Algernon Haley was a critical player in early attempts to reach space (see A Habit of Adventure). Today he remains active as a freelance inventor and astro-micro-robo-science analyst. Among his many notable inventions are the Bubble Helmet and the Orange Drive propulsion system (see Some Assembly Required).

After working as a consultant and "Inventor In Residence" with the legendary Drop Corps exploration squads, Haley returned to Earth and founded a robotics company he called Botco, which produced innovative designs for robots that nobody wanted or could afford. After Botco's hasty slide into bankruptcy, Haley returned to space where he is a semi-permenent member of the 2XL+ crew and a celebrity among Smallonauts in general.

In recognition of his achievements and contributions in the discovery and exploration of space, the Articulated Space Administration has awarded Haley the honorary rank of "Vice Admiral of the Universe," a more or less meaningless status that Haley enjoys flaunting.