name .
Xeno Thomerson

rank .
Deck Officer, QTA

post .
Prosperity 8

nic .

Hotshot pod pilot and perennial volunteer, Xeno Thomerson is a gung-ho action hero ready to leap into danger's path on a moment's notice, and sometimes for no good reason at all.

Xeno and friend Jeffus Thomerson (no relation) grew up in the same childhood collection, both dreaming of future space adventures not too dissimilar from their lives today. After escaping from their human captor, Xeno enrolled in the Security Corps and graduated with duel honors as a Utility Pilot 3rd Class and a Qualified Tactical Agent (QTA).

Xeno is proud to be considered the "muscle" aboard P8. His natural energy and curiosity make him an excellent Deck Officer, a rank exclusive to P8, combining the responsibilities of a Stowage Chief, an MP, a Maintenance Tech and a Facilities Operative.