name .
Dr. Jocko Sinclair

rank .
Space Commander

post .
ASA Grunion

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Commander Jocko Sinclair was as a circus performer before he joined the legendary Drop Corps as a test pilot, eventually becoming one of the most respected scientific innovators to wear a bubble helmet and the commander of a deep space vehicle of his own design.

Sinclair is a measured and consistent individual who has never failed to earn the respect of his crew mates. His word is solid, his dedication unwavering, and his ability to unravel complex predicaments with simple country logic is uncanny. Known for his even temperament and a sometimes hypnotic monotone voice, Sinclair is warmly regarded by Smallonauts in general and is considered by pundits to be on the short list of possible future appointments to the Board of Admirals.

Sinclair designed and was pivotal in the assembly of the ASA Grunion, and in many ways the ship and the orangutan are the same entity. Armed with a radical array of scientific equipment and guided by an ape's curiosity, Sinclair and the Grunion exemplify the spirit of adventure and ravenous curiosity that resonates within each Smallonaut.