name .
Dominic Voorhees

rank .
Space Captain

post .
Pilot, P8

nic .

Dominic Voorhees served as a combat pilot for the Small Armed Forces and applied for transfer to the legendary Drop Corps just as that program was being phased out. His impressive flight record in toy airplanes paved the way for his early induction into the distinguished ASA Pilot Corps.

Dominic was at the helm of the ASA Marigold when that ship was critically damaged, and he received a Green Foil Star for his role as Temporary Bombardier Captain during Operation Take That, a mission that lead to a much deserved peace with the Moss People of Ganglion 5.

Voorhees is also a noted author and TV Triviologist whose love for situation comedies is unrivaled in the universe. It is said that next to piloting, Dominic's real talent is getting good reception in deep space with rabbit ears and tin foil.