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This page features original Small Tales and other junk suitable for children and blind dates.

Remember, the only thing between Us and Them
is about 5 feet...

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Wee Westerns

Them hogs got the fever!
Don't you get too close now, y'hear?




Traveling Man

Real-world adventure as a toy hops the globe.



G7:e1 "The New Bingo"

Every fantasy needs a comic book. That was the thinking for this project, anyway. Thrill to ASA Smallonaut Agent Glenn Russell's first day on the job, because he sure didn't.


The New Bingo


The Encyclopedia Galactica:
Toys in Space

The free on-line version of this massive index is now yours for the clicking. We even proofread some of it.

We had us a little Toy Show here back in ought-2, maybe you want to see some of that: 

It all happened in one weekend. This is nice little story about good cheer and a deep affection for fur. Dress is fancy, but not formal.

 ...a toast Everyone... a toast!
The best and brightest Smalls have dedicated their talents to the creation of the 2XL+. Too bad they aren't the Crew...
Don the Bubble Helmet and come see the latest Episodes surrounding this
Brave New Playset!!

 Smallonauts are GO!!!
Treehouse University's History Today Outreach Program is proud to present:

A Campaign of Brutality:
"Early Joe Expansionism and the Loss of Primitive Innocence"
Compiled and Edited by
Professor Nick Nack.
(Bring a #2 Ticonderoga
because you'll need to write down a few dates.)

 Thank You for your Attendance

Take a Ride with the SPD on STV

There is only one COP on the Force, but he has a long and distinguished record of successfully taking out the trash.

Bad Toys, Bad Toys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when dey come for YOU! 


Father Christmas

"You'd better start shouting,
you better cry now,
You're gonna get coal and I'm tellin' you how,
Meca-Santa is coming to town..."

 HO! HO! HO!
A surprise layer of The White Stuff makes for heartwarming chaos in the back 40 (yards).
Bundle up like Mom says, and come taste the chilly, flavorless wonder!

dogs are good luck.

See Zaius Araleus and Minimus Ridiculous
battle to a short, sharp end!
Rated "Y" for Yucky

The Brutality Plays
The blood and guts continue to flow freely in Hot Eddie's Pit of Death! Kids, don't try this at home, you'll make a big mess!

Spring has sprung and Kimberly will show you all of the best new growth!

 The Toy Museum
Art, History and Singing Robot Megos!
Who could ask for more!!

 OLD NEWS and days gone by are now...

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