Where did it All Begin?

Traveling Man is an idea that was born in email sent from Whidbey Island USA to Aswan, Egypt in 1999/2000. The idea was like this:

"Dear Warren,
Can I mail an action figure and some cameras to you so that I can see a Small in front of the Pyramids

Warren, our friend abroad, said YES and so the Package was sent. It cost $50.00 US and the address had no numbers...

"Capt. Wxxxxx
C/O Aswan Moon Restaurant
Feluca Lucky Star
Aswan, Egypt"

Believe it or not, he made it through Customs with an address like a Madonna song, and Warren enjoyed the granola packing material very much.

Warren has returned to the USA with great pictures of Traveling Man that you can see in the Travel Log!

At that point, Traveling Man was last seen with an unknown companion, and rumors pointed to a possible adventure in India...

But he turned up next in Japan!

One day I got email out of the blue from Andrew Grubb, a person I didn't know. Attached to the email were 2 pictures of Traveling Man in Japan and a bit of history about the Temple TM was seen visiting. Two things were made clear to me with those pictures: #1: TM was on the move and still a solid C7/8+, and #B: at least some of the rest of the Big World wanted to Play!
We've received piles of pictures since that Egypt adventure, from all points on the globe. Traveling Man is just getting started. Now more than ever.

So stay on the lookout!

One never knows where one might see this free roaming action figure next!



 If you are planning a vacation that includes visitation to giant monuments or places of extreme beauty or importance and you would like to become embroiled in the whole Traveling Man thing,
please write!