Yeah, SPACE.

Toys love it, and so should you. The thing about Space is that there is so darn much of it. We figured we should have a whole section devoted to Space.

So here it is.

Like much that is Small, all of this grew out of a single thought many years ago. This page is dedicated to the dream that now has me.



What follows are links to pictures of my custom Mego-scaled spacecraft. Mostly crappy pictures of projects largely still "in process," but a complete index of Small spacecraft to-date.

Let me just start by saying that my first custom Mego spaceship was a Head & Shoulders bottle with an oval cut into one side.  Just so you know where I'm coming from, ok?  I was less than 10 years old, and it was the best landspeeder a kid could want.

Anyway, about 15 years ago I found this metal Hollywood film can at a garage sale for $20.  I knew in an instant that I would make a spaceship for Megos out of it, and I hauled that thing around for years before I started cutting and working on it. In the end, I had made my second Mego spaceship, one far more durable than the H&S bottle. 

ASA Walkure:
(The landing gear is made from 4 bicycle kick-stands.)

I also played around with ships made from styro-packing for a while:

... and I had fun, but I always dreamed of something a little more solid, because this is SPACE we are talking about, right?

So then I found a $10 septic pump housing, and I built
ASA Prosperity 8. 
Fully wired, 6 feet long, all PVC, baby.

also see:
The P8 Action Menu

I'm also working on Trinket 19, my monster project that hangs in the barn with a cardboard wing template.  We'll get this heap in orbit some day... :


Meanwhile, I had been lurking at NASA sites, going ISS crazy, dreaming about cramped Soyuz adventures, and during my vacation, in a fit one day, I built ASA Space Station "Spirit of Compliance" (crew of 1: Tech Sgt. Howie Cloister).


It was sort of like an earlier ship I had made in a fit one other day, the ASA Grunion:
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< same Grunion pics as over there.


...which has a companion drone ship made from the torso of an RC robot that I found at the dump.  I have 2 of these GrabTech Drone Pods now.  I like pairs.
Thus far, this is the best picture of a GrabTech pod cabin:

(I used the heads from those RC robots for T19 and Grunion, btw)

Then I hopped-up a moon buggy:


And then I finally found something fun to do with those Buzz Lightyear pods I had been saving (...which means I Dremel the guts out of them, trading lights and sound for leg room, but it holds up to 3 Megos when I'm done!)


***I should point out here that ALL of these spaceships use a standard 3 inch PVC Docking Ring, so any ship can dock with any other in the fleet. I've included a Remmie Martin for scale in this pod's docking ring:

This was made with an Ab-Flex device that I found at the dump. Still really raw - the wing is in pieces. TOP SECRET, still...

(neato metal flooring in the cabin - all the rage at this year's ASA UpgradeCon)

Oh, and I made these, too:


Toys in Space are special playthings. They are cool, they are tough, and they exude all of the qualities we like to see; gumption, daring, lust for adventure, and good sense in quality footgear.

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Smallonauts are GO!!!

Commander Cotton

 See the Evil Go'ons



Dig the new

AM Lindex in the Command Center

G7 Hanger test1

Special Agent Hoot

Encyclopedia Galactica: Toys in Space


L-R: Com. Lucy Ng, Com. JT Eagle, AM Lindex, Com. Maxwelton


The ASA Grunion

first picture:
ASA Grunion (flying) with Grab-Tech77A Drone Pod
(on surface).

Commander Sinclair

now with cheap effects!

Prosperity 8 Space Station
while under construction

P8 at night

P8: Enormous!

Bulb Drive

Tech Shack

Pod Seat

Mr. White

Command Mod.

Early View 1

Command Center

Not sure if this helps, but here is a "plan" for the P8. Lot's of technical stuff.

The Galaxy, Ad Infinitum!