MeJos! ...Why?

I have had The GI Joe Medic flock Small heads for me for years, but when a recent batch arrived I was struck by the fact that two of them bore an uncanny resemblance to shrunken Adventure Team GI Joes...

So I had to make them. They still need scars, and the Black MeJo needs a paint job. I used a soldier ape body for Black Mejo, because I figured Mego would have done so. The flocked Black Mejo is made from a cast of a S.W.A.T. head with a beard sculpt lovely added by Phil Nobile in his extended efforts to produce the perfect POTA Hodge custom. Black MeJo's tan suit was as close as I could come... kind of Hidden Treasure, kind of Desert Survival... man, what I wouldn't do for the right sized pith helmet right about now.

So look at that flocked Shazam head - if that isn't a "little joe" I don't know what is. And maybe I don't. I found a small version of the standard joe carbine in my bins and rigged him in some AJ jungle gear (big thanks to Ken "Igor" Morse!). Land Adventurer Mejo has AJ dog tags, but I think I'm going to have to get the Sculpy out and make them both some silver medallion-type tags with the Mego Corp. symbol on them. On ball-chains, of course.

I don't know if I'm compelled to make any more of them, but it would be fun to do a red Shazam Sea Adventurer in a Spy Island set made from AJ Secret Agent duds, or a blond Shazam in AJ's Air Force for an Air Adventurer...

Madness, really.

NEW 9/06: The Sea Adventurer Mejoe!

Land Adv.
Black Adv.
Sea Adv.
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My only real question now is

...should I like them?