Welcome to the Red Room!

The Red Room is where scales collide. Toys are the majority, so they rule with action hands.
It is a Beautiful Place.

As the central hub of all Small activity, this area richly displays the dizzying living conditions of the Wee Masses and also serves to illustrate the general threat of nearly 500 free-range playthings. And, thanks to the beautiful age we live in, we have recently opened Small Studio B. Neat stuff there, boy-howdy.

We really just wanted a place to show off stuff in the works, so this page is dedicated to the fuzzy line between my toys and my life. Assuming there is a difference at all...

see my FIREFLY toys


Here are some pictures from our recent spaceship christening party celebrating Trinket 19:
In Studio B we had aliens, treachery, space marines, scientists, Prosperity 8, and even some Gecko 7 BASE. Even got new shots from inside G7 Main Hanger and Command Cabin. We also had the unfortunate Pinhead Joes. So sad.

We'll have more pics from the christening later on!



Old pics of the Red Room:



Mummy Massage, anyone?

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